R2N Bylaws.         Bylaws_for_R2NHC_Revised_9November2022 (Approved by Planning Board on 9November2022)

R2N Executive Summary.Region-2N.Executive-Summary_Organizations_Listed_29January2024

R2N Regional Assets Request Process for Pre-Deployment or Use for Response  R2N__Regional_Assets_Use_Guideline_29March23

emPower Overview.       emPower R2N Overview reduced

ICS Overview for Healthcare.     Incident Command Overview 17January2023 small

MI-MORT Overview.       MI-MORT Overview 20Dec21

MI-TESA Overview.     Overview of MI-TESA Plan

MI-Volunteer Registry Overview. MIVolunteer Registry Overview for R2N Planning Board 8March23

Interoperable Communications Overview. Interoperable Communications Back to Basics 8Feb23

Regional Medical Coordination Center Notification. R2N_Regional_Medical_Coordination_Center_Notification_Guideline_1March2022

MEDDRUN and CHEMPACK Overview. R2N MEDDRUN and CHEMPACK Overivew 27June2022

R2N Preparedness and Response Plan. R2N_Regional_Preparedness_and_Response_Plan_4April2023

Cities Readiness Initiative Overview. CRI Presentation

Regional Disaster Medical Advisory Committee Overview RDMAC Overview 10January2024